The Common Prerequisites Manual is a helpful resource that lists which prerequisite courses are required for specific programs at every Florida public college and university. You must complete all required prerequisite courses to be admitted into a Bachelor’s Degree program. You can easily search the prerequisites for the program you intend to take at the institution you are interested in attending. You can also do a side-by-side comparison of programs at different institutions, and so much more!

Find helpful information, view previous years manuals, and start planning for your future!

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You can filter your search by institution, the specific program you are interested in studying, and compare the programs among other institutions.

Advisory Notice for the Common Prerequisites Manual: Please be advised the Common Prerequisite Manual is currently being reviewed for technical accuracy. While this review is underway, users are encouraged to validate prerequisite requirements of bachelor's degree programs by visiting the webpage or catalog at the college/university of interest. Please contact with questions about prerequisite requirements. Posted 3/24/2022

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If you are a transfer student in Florida planning to be admitted to an upper division program, you must meet the common prerequisite requirements listed when you initially enrolled. For example, if you enrolled in a community college in Fall 2019 and want to be admitted to an upper division program for Fall 2021, you must meet the prerequisites listed in the 2019-2020 Common Prerequisite Manual. Check with your academic advisor and institution, if you have questions about your effective year of prerequisites.

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