Earn credit by demonstrating your knowledge and skills on standardized exams. Get a jump start on earning your degree.
College-Level Examination Program

The College-Level Examination Program offers 33 nationally-recognized standardized exams in five subject areas – History and Social Science, Composition and Literature, Science and Mathematics, Business and World Languages. Exams are administered at colleges and universities and cost $89 each. Students who earn a minimum score of 50 on most courses can earn credit for an equivalent course. Students must earn higher scores to earn credit for higher level foreign language exams.

DANTES Subject Standardized Test Program

The DANTES Subject Standardized Test Program offers 39 nationally-recognized standardized exams in six subject areas – Business, Humanities, Math, Physical Science, Social Sciences and Technology, plus 10 exams in Nursing. Exams are administered at testing sites, which include colleges and universities, and cost $80 each. Minimum scores to earn credit vary by subject.