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FloridaShines newsletter copy

If your high school has a newsletter, here’s some general and topic-specific information you may wish to include to inform parents and students about FloridaShines. Feel free to modify the copy to meet your school’s needs.

FloridaShines newsletter copy for high schools

Topic: General overview and features of FloridaShines

The state of Florida has a great website – FloridaShines.org – that has valuable, FREE online resources to help students succeed in high school and prepare for college. Use FloridaShines.org to:

  • Research and compare profiles of all 40 public colleges and universities in Florida
  • View college admissions requirements and deadlines
  • Explore degree and certificate programs
  • Learn about ways to pay for college
  • Discover education and career planning options

Everything is all in one place, and all 100% free to use. Go to FloridaShines.org and check it out!


Topic: Using FloridaShines during the college search process

With so many colleges to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? The FloridaShines website can help you answer that question. On FloridaShines.org you can see detailed profiles of every public college and university in Florida. You can see costs, admission deadlines, degrees and programs offered, locations, student demographics, and lots more. It even has filters that you can use to find schools that offer any “must haves” that are on your list, such as sports teams, Greek life, or specific types of campus facilities. Each college uploads its information directly into FloridaShines, so you know it’s always accurate and complete. So get a jump on the college search process today by going to FloridaShines.org and select “Explore Institutions” from the “Go to College” menu. And the best part: Everything on the FloridaShines website is 100% free to use. Check it out!


Topic: Financial aid

Paying for college is probably the biggest concern for high schoolers. But the good news is that there are a lot of ways to get your degree without ending up with a mountain of debt. The FloridaShines website has a great section on the topic of financial aid that you’ll want to check out. It includes information about scholarships (including Bright Futures), FAFSA, grants, loans, and even work-study programs to help offset expenses. FloridaShines is a free website from the state of Florida, so all of the resources on it are 100% free to use. Go to FloridaShines.org for information about financial aid and lots more! Go to FloridaShines.org, select “Go to College” and then “Get Ready for College.”


Topic: College readiness checklists, by high school year

The FloridaShines website has handy checklists of key things you need to do during each year of high school in order to get ready for college. From college entrance tests to grad checks, the checklists are a roadmap to help you prepare. FloridaShines has tons of other free online resources to help you succeed in high school, college, and your future. You can get the checklists and other free resources at FloridaShines.org. Go to FloridaShines.org, select “Go to College” and then “Get Ready for College.”