You can achieve your dream of a bachelor’s degree without breaking the bank. It’s as simple as 2 + 2.
Florida’s 2 + 2 Program

The cost of a bachelor’s degree from a state university is more affordable than you think. Florida’s 2 +2 Program creates a seamless path for students with an associate’s degree to enter a state university.

To be eligible for Florida’s 2 + 2 Program, students must first earn an associate’s degree at a state college. Students who earn an associate’s degree at a state college are automatically guaranteed admission to a state university.

Under the program, students complete their general education courses in college, including core courses that are required for every graduate from a state college or university. Students are also required to declare their intended major after earning 30 hours of course credit, which is generally after their freshman year. Declaring a major helps students take the right courses to ensure they are prepared to pursue their bachelor’s degree when they enter a university.

Because state colleges are both accessible and affordable, students can save money while staying on time and on track to earning a bachelor’s degree. State colleges have an “open door” admissions policy which allows anyone with a high school diploma to enroll. Tuition at state colleges is also about two-thirds the cost of tuition at universities.