Do you have a calling for public service? Do you want to work for your country, state or local community? Government offers a range of opportunities for you to shine.
Career Pathways

Government has seven career pathways:

  • Foreign Service: Individuals who represent the United States in other countries around the world, such as ambassadors.
  • Governance: Individuals who lead and manage city, state and federal governments, such as representatives, senators and mayors.
  • National Security: Individuals who protect the security of our nation, such as transportation security agents.
  • Planning: Individuals who develop plans for growth and infrastructure in towns and cities, such as water resource managers.
  • Public Management and Administration: Individuals who work in various roles in government, such as city manager
  • Regulation: Individuals who work to enforce standards for public health and safety.
  • Revenue and Taxation: Individuals who work to ensure people pay their taxes.
Meta-Major: Social Science

Are you interested in a career in government but not sure what you want to do? Check out the social science meta-major at your local state college. A meta-major is a collection of associate degree programs aligned to a general career area, such as government. Because all programs under the meta-major have common courses, you can pursue a relevant course of study before deciding on a specific degree program.

Education-Career-Income Connection

Government offers a broad range of occupations, many of which require a bachelor's degree.

Training, Certificate or Associate's Degree
bachelor's degree
Source: June 2023 O*NET OnLine