BUSINESS, Management and administration

Are you a natural leader with a knack for organization? Do you thrive in fast-paced environments and enjoy problem-solving? Picture yourself at the helm of a thriving company, making strategic decisions that drive growth and innovation. In this dynamic field, you'll have the opportunity to hone your leadership skills, collaborate with diverse teams, and shape the future of businesses big and small. Whether you dream of starting your own company or climbing the corporate ladder, the possibilities are endless in the world of business management & administration.

  • Do you like managing people, analyzing data or spotting trends?
  • Do you like lead and work well on teams?
  • Do you like working with numbers?
Career Pathways

Business has four management career pathways and one pathway for administrative support:

  • General: Individuals who manage companies, organizations or specific activities within a commercial enterprise.
  • Operations: Individuals who ensure a company or organization has the systems and tools to successfully operate.
  • Business Information: Individuals who manage the technology needs of a company or organization.
  • Human Resources: Individuals who recruit new employees, establish systems to evaluate employees, and manage benefits, such as health insurance.
  • Administrative Support: Individuals that provide clerical support to managers.
What It Takes
Chemistry flask and gear
Strong Math and Science Skills
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Entrepreneurial Spirit
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Communication Skills
Education-Career-Income: Business, Management & Administration
required education
Salary Range
General and Operations Managers
Bachelor's Degree
$47,873 - $146,093
Administrative Services Managers
Bachelor's Degree
$56,908 - $133,564
Facilities Managers
Bachelor's Degree
$55,771 - $118,535
Computer and Information Systems Managers
Bachelor's Degree
$101,592 - $185,923
Financial Managers
Bachelor's Degree
$81,614 - $195,868
Purchasing Managers
Bachelor's Degree
$82,914 - $160,524
Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers
Bachelor's Degree
$58,014 - $135,413
Human Resources Managers
Bachelor's Degree
$77,804 - $153,238
Managers, All Other
Bachelor's Degree
$67,973 - $154,776
Compliance Officers
Bachelor's Degree
$40,771 - $85,079
Human Resources Specialists
Bachelor's Degree
$40,931 - $82,678
Project Management Specialists
Bachelor's Degree
$56,081 - $114,637
Management Analysts
Bachelor's Degree
$45,970 - $111,652
Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners
Bachelor's Degree
$34,817 - $65,582
Bachelor's Degree
$35,551 - $72,920
Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists
Bachelor's Degree
$43,816 - $83,339
Training and Development Specialists
Bachelor's Degree
$38,056 - $80,928
Business Operations Specialists, All Other
Bachelor's Degree
$39,738 - $87,805
Computer Occupations, All Other
Bachelor's Degree
$44,552 - $115,411
Operations Research Analysts
Bachelor's Degree
$43,696 - $98,979
First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers
Some College, No Degree
$40,954 - $75,133
Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks
Some College, No Degree
$31,704 - $52,220
Source: 2024 Florida CareerSource
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