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Testing Centers

Find the nearest testing center to take your exams.

Proctored Exams

Students who take an online course may be required to take a proctored exam, which is given in a supervised environment to ensure the security and integrity of the assessment process. The requirement for a proctored exam is usually included in the course syllabus. Proctored exams must be scheduled at the beginning of the course and testing sites must be approved by the institution giving the course. Students should identify the testing center that is most convenient for them and ensure the location has the availability and capability to administer the required test. Next, students should contact the institution giving the course to get approval of the location.

Testing Centers

To make it convenient for students to take a proctored exam, Florida has 59 testing centers across the state. Students who live out-of-state or are serving in the military should contact the institution giving the course to identify an appropriate testing location.

Each testing center is independently operated. Some testing centers are by appointment only. Some charge a fee, have penalties for rescheduling and cancellations, and require prepayment. Students are responsible for all costs associated with proctored exams.

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