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General Education Core Courses

Build a bright future with these core courses.

Students entering college for the first time in Fall 2015 must complete one course in each of the following areas:


  • English Composition (ENC X101)
  • A course that has the core course as an immediate prerequisite.


  • College Algebra (MAC X105)
  • Calculus I (MAC X311)
  • Liberal Arts Mathematics I (MGF X106)
  • Liberal Arts Mathematics I (MGF X107)
  • Statistical Methods (STA X023)
  • A course that has one of the core courses as an immediate prerequisite.


  • Art Appreciation (ARH X000)
  • Introduction to Humanities (HUM X020)
  • Introduction to Literature (LIT X000)
  • Music Literature/Music Appreciation (MUL X010)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (PHI X010)
  • Theatre Appreciation (THE X000)

Social Sciences

  • Introductory Survey Since 1877 (AMH X020)
  • Introduction to Anthropology (ANT X000)
  • Macroeconomics (ECO X013)
  • American Government (POS X041)
  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY X012)
  • Principles of Sociology (SYG X000)

Natural Sciences

  • Descriptive Astronomy (AST X002)
  • General Biology I (BSC X005)
  • General Biology II (BSC X010)
  • Anatomy and Physiology I (BSC X085)
  • Chemistry for Liberal Studies (CHM X020)
  • General Chemistry I (CHM X045)
  • Introduction to Earth Science (ESC X000)
  • Introduction to Environmental Science (EVR X001)
  • Fundamentals of Physics (PHY X020)
  • General Physics with Calculus (PHY X048)
  • General Physics I (PHY X058)
  • A course that has one of the core courses as an immediate prerequisite.
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