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Degree Requirements

Most associate degree programs require 60 credit hours to earn a degree and most baccalaureate degree programs require 120 credit hours to earn a degree. Both of those degree programs require 36 credit hours in general education courses, including five core courses. To graduate in four years, students must take an average of 15 credit hours each semester. Students who exceed the required courses by more than 10% may have to pay double the tuition for courses above the threshold.

General Education Requirements

To earn an associate or baccalaureate degree from a public college or university in Florida, students must complete 36 credit hours of general education courses. Students entering college for the first time in Fall 2015 or after must complete one course in each of the following areas – Communication, Math, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. View courses that meet the core general education requirement.

2+2 Program

Florida’s 2+2 Program allows students to transition seamlessly from a state college to a state university. Nearly two-thirds of Florida's high school graduates attend a state college and more than 50% of upper-classmen in the state's universities started their postsecondary education in a state college.

Students who earn an Associate of Arts from a state college fulfill the general education requirements for a baccalaureate degree and are guaranteed admission to one of the 12 state universities, although not necessarily the university of their choice. Additionally, state colleges and universities must accept credit for courses with a statewide course number.

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