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MyCareerShines newsletter copy

MyCareerShines is a great resource to help middle and high schoolers learn about careers. If your school has a newsletter, here’s some information to share with parents and students. Feel free to modify the copy to meet your needs.

MyCareershines newsletter copy for middle and high schools

General overview of MyCareerShines

All students and parents are encouraged to visit MyCareerShines.org, a website of career-related resources that the state of Florida makes available to all Floridians free of charge. A key feature of the site is its career exploration tool. Our school currently uses MyCareerShines to help our students learn about career fields that interest them, and to help them develop a path to reach their career goals.

Briefly, the MyCareerShines career exploration tool enables students to take quick self-assessments of their interests and strengths, and then identifies careers that are closely matched to their answers. They can then explore those careers (and hundreds of others) to learn what each one does, its salary range, marketplace demand, and much more. Most importantly, students will gain a better understanding of the education required to pursue their dream career. Once students reach high school, they can even use MyCareerShines to create a resume and personal portfolio to share with prospective schools and employers.

Visiting MyCareerShines.org is a great way to begin planning for the future. And again, it’s totally free to use.