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College Admission Requirements

Knowing what's required to shine will help you get into the college of your choice.

State Colleges

State colleges have an "open door" admissions process. To be eligible for admission to a state college, a student must earn a standard high school diploma or its equivalent (General Educational Development – GED – or adult high school diploma) or demonstrate success in college coursework.

State Universities

State universities have a competitive selection process. To be eligible for admission to a state university, a student must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Earn a standard high school diploma with a minimum 2.5 GPA in 18 core academic courses which are:
    • 4 courses in English (at least three with substantial writing)
    • 4 courses in math (Algebra I and higher level courses)
    • 3 courses in natural science (at least two with a lab)
    • 3 courses in social studies
    • 2 courses in the same foreign language
    • 2 electives
  • Earn minimum scores in reading, math and writing on one of two nationally-recognized college entrance exams:
    • SAT: 460 in both Reading and Math, and 440 in Writing
    • ACT: 19 in both Reading and Math, and 18 in Writing

Even students who meet the minimum requirements may not gain admission to the school of their choice because of limited space. See the average academic profile of freshman students at each university.

Additional Opportunities for Admission

Florida offers two additional opportunities for admission to a state university for students who do not meet the minimum requirements.

  • The Talented 20 Program guarantees admission to a state university, although not necessarily the school of choice, for a student who meets all of the following conditions:
    • Earns a standard high school diploma from a public school, including completion of 18 core academic courses (listed above),
    • Ranks in the top 20% of the class after the first semester of their senior year, and
    • Submits test scores from the SAT or ACT.
  • The Student Profile Assessment allows a small number of students who demonstrate exceptional attributes or special talents, such as accomplishments in music, art or sports, to be admitted.
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