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Always dreamed of a career in medicine? Interested in learning more about the wide range of occupations in this growing field? Get started here.

Career Pathways

The healthcare field has five general career pathways:

  • Therapeutic Services: Individuals who deal directly with patients, such as doctors, nurses, dentists, and physical therapists.
  • Diagnostic Services: Individuals who perform a wide range of tests, such as clinical and lab technicians.
  • Health Informatics: Individuals who manage hospitals and healthcare facilities or manage patient information and records.
  • Biotechnology Research and Development: Individuals who study diseases to develop treatments and medications to prevent and cure illness. 
  • Support Services: Individuals who focus on creating a comfortable experience for patients, such as dieticians.

Meta-Major: Health Sciences

Are you interested in healthcare but not sure what you want to do? Check out the health sciences meta-major at your local state college. A meta-major is a collection of associate degree programs aligned to a general career area, such as health sciences. Because all programs under the meta-major have common courses, you can pursue a relevant course of study before deciding on a specific degree program.

Education-Career-Income Connection

While most jobs require some education after high school, many don't require a four-year, bachelors degree. Some require an Associate Degree, a two-year college degree program, or a certificate, a technical program which vary in length but are generally less than two years.

Training, Certificate or Associate's Degree Bachelor's Degree
Home Health Aide (C) $21,150 Bioinformatic Technician $35,750
Phlebotomist (C) $27,720 Mental Health Counselor $40,643
Medical Assistant (C) $28,740 Substance Abuse Counselor $43,056
Medical Secretary (C) $29,250 Cytogenetic Technologist $57,700
Clinical Laboratory Technician (A) $32,680 Medical and Clinical Technologist $57,700
Massage Therapist (C) $36,370 Registered Nurse $60,920
Optician, Dispensing (A) $39,150 Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse $60,290
Licensed Practical Nurse (C) $41,130 Acute Care Nurse $60,920
Cardiovascular Technologist (C) $45,290 Critical Care Nurse $60,920
Respiratory Therapist (A) $53,390 Informatics Nurse Specialists $80,190
Physical Therapist Assistant (A) $59,290 Biomedical Engineer $91,940
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (C) $60,530 Physician Assistant $99,278
Dental Hygienist (A) $64,890 Medical Services Manager $101,920
  • C indicates a professional or industry certificate.
  • A indicates an associate degree, generally an associate in applied science or science.
  • Salaries are the median income for the job in Florida. 

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