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Job Outlook

Healthcare jobs are expected to have the fastest employment growth during the next ten years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, Florida will have more than 50,000 job openings for nurses and nursing assistants in the next seven years. Other hot jobs include medical assistants, medical secretaries and health services managers.

Meta-Major: Health Sciences

Are you interested in healthcare but not sure what you want to do? Check out the health sciences meta-major at your local state college. A meta-major is a collection of associate degree programs aligned to a general career area, such as health sciences. Because all programs under the meta-major have common courses, you can pursue a relevant course of study before deciding on a specific degree program.

The Education-Career-Income Connection

While most jobs require some education after high school, many don't require a four-year, bachelors degree. Some require an Associate Degree, a two-year college degree program, or a certificate, a technical program which vary in length but are generally less than two years.

Training, Certificate or Associate Degree

Bachelor Degree


Home Health Aide


Bioinformatic Technician





Mental Health Counselor



Medical Assistant


Substance Abuse Counselor



Medical Secretary


Cytogenetic Technologist



Clinical Laboratory Technician


Medical and Clinical Technologists



Massage Therapist


Registered Nurse



Optician, Dispensing


Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse



Licensed Practical Nurse


Acute Care Nurse



Cardiovascular Technologist


Critical Care Nurse



Respiratory Therapist


Informatics Nurse Specialists



Physical Therapist Assistant


Biomedical Engineer



Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


Physician Assistant



Dental Hygienist


Medical Services Manager


  • C indicates a professional or industry certificate
  • A indicates an associate degree, generally an associate in applied science or science.
  • Salaries are the median income for the job in Florida. 

Job Profile: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers produce high-tech images of a patient's internal organs to help doctors diagnose disease.

Tasks include:

  • Operate ultrasound equipment to produce images of the motion, shape, and composition of blood, organs, tissues, or bodily masses.
  • Adjust patient positions to obtain the best images.
  • Determine which images provide the best depiction of healthy and pathological areas.
Florida Job Snapshot (2016-2024)
Salary Range $41,310 - $78,870
Education Requirements Associate Degree
Number of Jobs 5,094
Projected Job Openings 2,093

Source: KuderĀ® Systems