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Transportation and Distribution

Do you like logistics? Do you like planning and coordinating the delivery of goods, on time and on budget? A career in transportation might be the right move for you.

Career Pathways

Transportation has six career pathways:

  • Facility and Mobile Equipment: Individuals who maintain vehicles, planes, trains and ships that carry people or freight. 
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management: Individuals who identify ways to make transportation safe for people and the environment.   
  • Logistics Planning and Management Services: Individuals who plan the smartest way to move people and goods.
  • Sales and Service: Individuals who sell transportation services to individuals or companies.
  • Transportation Operations: Individuals who are responsible for moving people and goods, such as bus drivers and pilots. 
  • Transportation Systems/Infrastructure Planning, Management and Regulation: Individuals who design transportation systems to meet the needs of the community.

Meta-Major: Industry, Manufacturing and Construction

Are you interested in a career in transportation but not sure what you want to do? Check out the industry, manufacturing and construction meta-major at your local state college, which can get you started on the path to a career in transportation. A meta-major is a collection of associate degree programs aligned to a general career area, such as transportation. Because all programs under the meta-major have common courses, you can pursue a relevant course of study before deciding on a specific degree program.

Education-Career-Income Connection

Transportation offers a range of careers, most of which require some form of education or training after high school.

Training or Certificate  Associate's or Bachelor's Degree
Ambulance Driver $25,750 Logistics Engineer $74,600
Cargo and Freight Agents $43,210 Logistician $65,440
Heavy and Tractor Trailer Truck Drivers $43,680 Air Traffic Controller $124,540
Bus and Truck Mechanics $47,350 Airline Pilot $140,340
Railroad Conductor $62,930    
Commercial Pilots $82,240    



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