Florida's Top Jobs

Find out what jobs are hot in the Sunshine State now - and in the future.

What's Hot in Florida's Job Market

Jobs in healthcare and construction are projected to be the hottest jobs in Florida during the next seven years.

  • The construction industry will have more than 100,000 job openings - everything from electricians to carpenters to tile installers to painters to roofers.
  • The healthcare industry will have more than 30,000 job openings for nursing assistants and nearly 20,000 for licensed practical nurses. Other hot jobs in healthcare include medical assistants, medical secretaries and health services managers.
  • Other top jobs include cost estimators, event planners and computer systems analysts.

See Florida's Top 50 Jobs.

Beyond Education

Every year, the state of Florida issues a report on first year median income for college graduates with specific degrees. The data provides critical financial information to students who are considering college and selecting degree programs. Knowing your earning potential before you select a major can influence your decision. Read the report now, Labor Market Experiences after Postsecondary Education (PDF).

Beyond Education provides information about employment and earning potential for a variety of jobs in Florida to help parents and students make informed decisions about education and careers. 


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