image of construction workers

Grow, Design, or Build Things

Do you like to take things from concept to construction? Architecture, construction and manufacturing might be the place for you to shine. 

Agriculture and Natural Systems

The agriculture industry is the second largest economic engine in Florida, employing more than two million people. Additionally, protecting our sensitive natural systems, which supports our largest economic engine - tourism, is also a priority for our state. 

Architecture and Construction

In Florida, the construction industry will continue grow. From now until 2024, Florida is projected to add more than 70,000 jobs in the construction trades, from painters and plumbers to cement masons and electricians. 


Florida is home to more than 20,000 manufacturers, producing a range of products from plastic to motor vehicles to food. This sector has experienced steady growth in recent years.


Our growing population will increase the demand for reliable and affordable energy, which will require employees in a range of jobs from electrical engineers to transmission line installers.