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Information Technology

From web design to software development to computer network management, the field of information technology offers lots of opportunity for you to shine.

Career Pathways

Information technology has four career pathways:

  • Network Systems: Individuals who design, install and maintain a network of computers connected together and to other resources such as the Internet, printers and file servers, such as computer network administrator.
  • Programming and Software Development: Individuals who design and write computer programs or computer hardware, such as a software programmer.
  • Web and Digital Communications: Individuals who design websites and digital media, such as a web developer.
  • Information Support and Services: Individuals who collect, manage and analyze data using computers, such as a computer user support specialist.

Meta-Major: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Are you interested in a career in information technology but not sure what you want to do? Check out the STEM meta-major at your local state college. A meta-major is a collection of associate degree programs aligned to a general career area, such as information technology, engineering and cyber security. Because all programs under the meta-major have common courses, you can pursue a relevant course of study before deciding on a specific degree program.

Education-Career-Income Connection

Many high-paying jobs in the field of information technology require a bachelor's degree.

Training, Certificate or Associate's Degree Bachelor's Degree
Computer Controlled Machine Tool Programmer $40,070 Graphic Designer $50,370
Computer Operator $45,840 Multimedia Artist and Animator $72,520
Computer User Support Specialist $50,980 Network Systems Administrator $82,050
Web Developer $69,430 Database Administrator $90,070
    Information Security Analyst $98,350
    Computer Network Architect $109,020
    Software Developer $110,000