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Education and Career Planning for All Ages

MyCareerShines is a comprehensive education and career planning system that will help you succeed in the increasingly competitive global economy. You will learn about yourself, discover the many options and opportunities for your future, and gain access to the information and tools to achieve your goals.

Available Now: MyCareerShines for Middle and High School Students

MyCareerShines is available for middle and high school students in public schools, including charter schools, and home education programs. The online tool will be available to students in private schools in November.

Coming Soon

  • MyCareerShines for elementary school students.
  • MyCareerShines for students in colleges and universities.
  • MyCareerShines for adults.

Serve Our Country, Enlist in the Military provides information about the military branches, careers in the armed forces and the benefits of enlisting.

Learn about the Job Market in Florida

Beyond Education can help you learn more about job opportunities and earning potential for college graduates with degrees in certain areas. Some occupations, such as registered nurses, engineers and computer managers, are growing in demand. As a result, graduates with the skills in science, technology, engineering and math are likely to have more options in the job market.