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Virtual College Week

Thank you for participating in our Fall Virtual College Week. Below you will find all session recordings and materials.

Florida Virtual College Week: Live Webinars, Funded by the State of Florida, Expert Advice

The three-day event provided high school counselors, students, and parents with a wide variety of live webinars, featuring experts in the areas of college and university admissions, scholarships, financial aid and career planning. The event speakers represented a wide variety of institutions from the Florida College System, the State University System and the Florida Department of Education.

Counselors Guide to Graduation

Get the latest information and academic advisement strategies from the Florida Department of Education to help you support your students with the education planning process.
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Advising for Academic Success

As a first time in college or dual enrollment student, learn about the Florida College System degree requirements, current research findings and advising strategies that can help reduce time to degree completion.
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Workforce Programs in the Florida College System

Students have many options for pursuing their postsecondary goals, explore the types of workforce focused credentials available in the Florida College System.
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Admissions into a University

This session will focus on the key steps and how to's related to the admissions process.
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First Things First

Learn how factors inside and outside of the classroom affect your college career, and how you can manage them to achieve college success.
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Bright Futures Scholarship Qualifications

This session will feature the state-funded grants and scholarships available to Florida students.
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College Athletics

Discover everything you need to know about being a college athlete.
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The Big Transition

Leaving home for college can be hard, let us help you and your family learn tips to ease the transition process.
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Financial Aid Is For You

Let us help you separate myth from facts, and explore additional funding sources to get the most financial support to pay for your education.
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How to Start Smart and Finish Strong

Receive the tools you need to help increase your chances of success in an online course.
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Survival Guide for Parents

Learn how you and your parents can work together to navigate through the college search, selection and application process.
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