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Logo for FloridaShines

The logo of FloridaShines is owned exclusively by the University of West Florida on behalf of the Florida Virtual Campus. Institutions within the State University System of Florida, the Florida College System and the Florida Public School System may use the logo on a web page, on an electronic document or in a printed publication as provided below. Other entities must obtain permission prior to use by emailing

The logo may not be altered in any way. A clear zone of "white space" should surround the logo to ensure that it is clearly displayed and easy to read. Additionally, please do not tilt the logo, screen the logo, stretch the logo, place the logo on a busy background or place the logo too close to other elements.

Download logo for use by right clicking on the image and selecting "Save image as . . ."

FloridaShines Logo


FloridaShines Promotional Materials

We have flyers, posters and brochures available free of charge to Florida schools, libraries, career centers, and other interested organizations. They’re great resources for use during student and parent events, to hang or distribute in your classroom, and to share electronically by email or on your school listserv.

Promotional Materials


Logo for Online Catalog

Colleges and universities may use one of the logos below to satisfy Section 1009.23(16)(c) and Section 1009.24(17)(c), Florida Statutes, which requires all Florida public colleges and universities to include a link to Florida's Distance Learning Catalog on the advising and distance learning sections of their websites. Institutions using this logo may modify the color of the logo to make it more consistent with the color palette of their website, but may not alter the size of the logo. The descriptive text accompanying the logo must remain readable.

Download logo by right clicking on the image and selecting "Save image as . . ."

Gray FloridaShines logo for Online Course Catalog

Green FloridaShines logo for Online Course Catalog