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2+2 Program

Florida’s 2+2 Program allows students to transition seamlessly from a state college to a state university. Nearly two-thirds of Florida's high school graduates attend a state college and more than 50% of upper-classmen in the state's universities started their postsecondary education in a state college.

Students who earn an Associate of Arts from a state college fulfill the general education requirements for a baccalaureate degree and are guaranteed admission to one of the 12 state universities, although not necessarily the university of their choice. Additionally, state colleges and universities must accept credit for courses with a statewide course number.

2+2 Program Institution Agreements

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2+2 Program Admission

Students who earn a two-year Associate of Arts degree at a state college are guaranteed admission into one of the state's 12 universities to complete a four-year baccalaureate degree. If you are currently enrolled in a state college, you can find out what courses you need to meet the requirements of the four-year baccalaureate program you select.


2+2 Advising Toolkit Resources

Statewide 2+2 agreement
General education core
Common program prerequisites
SUS institution admission requirements
Available SUS and FCS baccalaureate programs
Detailed information about SUS and FCS baccalaureate programs
What courses to take when
Sequencing and timing of math courses
Accelerated mechanisms and 2+2
2+2 Enhancement Programs
Course prerequisites and how they differ from program prerequisites
Transferability of courses
Transferring before completing the Associate of Arts
Co-curricular activities and opportunities
Financial aid
SUS and FCS baccalaureate graduation requirements
Choices and consequences, frequently made mistakes
Terms and definitions
How to contact advisors, counselors, and transfer coordinators

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